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Neighborhood: Portola
Group Affiliation: FrameArt Studio

Simple themes characterize my work: one tree, a singular point at a beach, a bouquet or a bright spot in the universe. I use vibrant colors to catch the eye, with the intention to create a pause in the viewer's life, to soothe, to cause a smile, to allow reflection, to create a space for change, find a way or a path, whether in life, or, just the moment.
The following collections inform my work: 1) Simplicity and Seasons - primarily watercolors inspired by nature; 2) Bright Spot in the Universe - mixed media on canvas and always looking to the skies above us; 3) Nature Prevails - mixed media on paper or canvas using recycled paints and palette paper, paper, yarn and other found and re-found materials, comments on the changing world, climate and stresses in nature; 4) Changing the Equation - alcohol inks on non-porous materials because when using this medium, I broke through many of my established painting routines - and that reflection in everyday life; and 5) Floral Whimsy - watercolor and mixed media mostly on paper.
The underlying philosophy of all my art is community, our connections to it and the circles of life around it. I have been a part of the broader Ingleside District for most of my life and have benefited having wonderful neighbors, a diverse and vibrant community, fresh air and cool fog. To complete the circle, and now that I have "retired," it is my turn to return my benefits to the community. I do this by donating proceeds from paintings to local non-profit community based organizations.