Jenny M Phillips

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Neighborhood: Bayview
Group Affiliation: Yosemite Place
SFOS Details:
Weekend 1 (South/East): Oct. 22-23
Yosemite Place
1777 Yosemite Avenue, Studio 370
San Francisco, 94124

My work is about feeling, rather than ideology or narrative. It explores subliminal emotions created by the environments that surround us, and reflects the rhythm of the seasons and the beauty of the commonplace. I use paper, photography, wax, oil paint, watercolor, India inks and acrylic washes, borrowing techniques from printmaking and combining materials in unexpected ways to capture moments in time and a sense of fleeting and fragile beauty. Using the interplay of line work, texture, and color, I balance simplicity of expression with spontaneity of gesture to evoke the essence of the everyday.