David J Bostic

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Neighborhood: Lower Haight
Group Affiliation: Journal Building

Jeff Bostic graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a fine arts degree majoring in painting and printmaking. He then moved to the Bay Area and has made a career as a nonprofit youth worker, DJ, and art maker. He currently is in the ArtSpan Journal Building Residency on Market & Van Ness cooking up paintings, drawings, pins, and DJ lessons. Watch out for Jeff and the JB residency crew as they will be showcasing a monthly art show at 1540 Market with guest artists and music! See more of his work @ artislifesf.com

I approach each work with openness to chance and respect for randomness. They are part of the guiding principles that ensure the process is equally as important as the end result. I start each work with an automatic drawing or random mark making. Each work then forms an identity through the marriage of improvisation and structured composition building. I believe this process creates drawings and paintings that always pushes my curiosity in spontaneity and control. I draw inspiration from a variety of places: Dada ideas, artists like Yoko Ono & Basquiat, graphic novels, poems, logograms…