Jenny M.L. Wantuch

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(650) 678-6171

Neighborhood: North Beach
Group Affiliation: Live Worms Gallery

Being in the elements, and painting what I see and feel about the nature in front of
me is everything! I have a life-long love story with the natural world. My interest in
environmental issues was the main reasons I pursued a degree in chemistry, and later
worked as an environmental engineer in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, I pursue my
passion for the natural environment through my art.
My fascination with nature, and the constant evolvement of my work is the
driving force to keep on creating. My subject matter is mainly urban and natural
landscapes. I go out in nature and paint en plein air. In the studio, I use these paintings as
reference for larger studio paintings. I use oil and gouache paint on wood panel.
I am especially drawn to water and reflections. These sceneries have, I believe, a
calming affect on our soul. I try to convey the soothing affect nature has on me through
my paintings. Other times the energizing movement of waves on the ocean, and dramatic
clouds in the sky speaks more to me, as they reflect another side of our psyche. I am
particularly interested in using colors to communicate different emotions. My goal is to
create paintings that are calming, and uplifting for the viewer.

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