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Neighborhood: NOPA
Group Affiliation: Third Space

J.B. Higgins / Culture Shots
When I take my camera to the streets, I’m usually looking for something specific. There are certain things I’m drawn to that attract me at once, generally the way that form, colors, light and patterns all can work together to create a particular environment at a specific moment. I often find these environments in the interplay of geometric elements : billboards, fences, shadows, street signs, people, random arrangements of . I instantly recognize these moments and begin to shoot, shooting first and asking questions later. And later, when I see the developed film, I surprise myself recognizing “Oh, that’s why I was drawn to that.”

Metaphysicians tell us all things happen for a reason, and there are no accidents. I agree with this. On good days, when I can step out of my own way, and watch patiently as I proceed along with my camera, I often find I’ve walked into just such a unique environment. These moments reveal something about what our collective consciousness has created, and mirror back a truth about ourselves. I've come to realize that this truth has, all along, been hidden in plain sight, right in front of us. If we will look mindfully we can see.