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Neighborhood: Pacific Heights

Heidi Hardin, founder and director of Think Round. Fine Arts ONLINE is pleased to present Chocolate in the Garden/Plum Tree Skies @ Laguna Heights Cooperative Corporation (LHCC), a series of thirteen tempera paintings on paper by San Francisco fine artist Heidi Hardin. Hardin is originally from Oklahoma City. She received her MFA in Painting in 1979 and her BA in Biology and Visual Arts in 1976, both from UCSD. For thirty years she has exhibited her paintings nationally in galleries and museums and has taught art at all levels. Her artwork was represented by Newspace, L.A. from the early 1980s until 2006 when the gallery closed; its archives then—along with Ms. Hardin's exhibits—became a part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C..

This series of paintings, created in the summer of 2006, explores the magic and mystery in healing childhood trauma by surrendering to the internal command to "LOOK UP!" This she did to discover the deep blue sky was not falling. Rather, the sky was a deep blue blanket raked by raging red, crazy-mad red, burnt up, black-and-blue red of the leaves of the plum trees in her backyard. This surrender to her inner teacher to look up allowed her time and beauty enough to look into the past at long forgotten memories, memories of being molested as a child that had long been repressed. 

Please join her in Think Round. Fine Arts ONLINE gallery (https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/2086239/chocolate-in-the...) as she reads her poem of the same title, her artist's statement, and shares the meditative music of her long-time friend and collaborator, L.A. composer, Jonathan Sacks. 

Through this healing process Heidi has been trudging the road to heal an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) score of nine out of ten using her many exhibitions since 2006 as the healing tool, including her acclaimed extended meditation The Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise...seven installations where she has found her true family, the human family.

All of Ms. Hardin’s work as a community-based artist and as a practicing fine artist are now held in trust in the vision, mission, and objectives of Think Round, Inc., (TRI) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that she formed in 2004. In 2018, TRI became a Cooperation Circle of United Religions Initiative. Currently, Heidi Hardin is: completing her birth vision, The Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise...seven installations and working to build The Center for the Human Family to house it. For more information, please visit: www.thinkround.org

VISIT THINK ROUND FINE ARTS ONLINE @ https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/2086239/chocolate-in-the...