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Think Round Unveils The Center for the Human Family and Presents Part IV of The Paradise Project: Family Dharma (Hindus & Sikhs)
Seventy Global Youth Collaborate to Launch Think Round’s Virtual Center for the Human Family, Fostering Global Unity Through Innovative Multimedia Art and Science
"We live within webs of cultural and social forces, bound together as one in our humanity."-- Heidi Hardin, 1999
SAN FRANCISCO, CA — On August 24, 2023, Think Round, Inc. proudly introduces The Center for the Human Family through an immersive virtual experience, coinciding with the opening of Think Round Fine Arts' exhibit, Family Dharma (Hindus & Sikhs). This exhibit marks Part IV of The Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise…7 Installations (also known as The Paradise Project), initiated by Heidi Hardin in 1998, which catalyzed the vision for The Center for the Human Family. Parts I, II, and III, titled Families of Abraham (Jews, Christians, & Muslims), were collectively showcased in 2019 across four San Francisco venues.
Family Dharma (Hindus & Sikhs) will be displayed from October 7th to December 30, 2023. The Opening Reception, scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, 3-7 PM, will feature an artist talk and the official launch of The Center for the Human Family at 5 PM. The event welcomes both in-person and virtual attendees.
The Center for the Human Family and The Paradise Project are conceived to solve systemic, intergenerational, and epigenetic transmission of ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences while offering evolutionary Whole Systems Learning curricula across a lifetime (prenatal through retirement) in TRI’s K-12 (and beyond) art and science education programs.
About Think Round’s Virtual Center for the Human Family
• The Center for the Human Family offers an authentic journey into human experience, spirituality, and creativity.
• It fosters exploration of world religions, human evolution, consciousness, and conflict resolution.
• The center's programs aim to establish sustainable, happy, and healthy living on a global scale.
About The Paradise Project Think Round’s Paradise Project is a hub for distilled wisdom across faiths through The Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise. The project comprises seven intricate installations housing 546 portraits representing 28 families practicing 10 major world religions.
About Part IV: Family Dharma (Hindus & Sikhs) Family Dharma presents 78 digital portraits with mixed-media collages in a multimedia installation. Inspired by Indian miniature paintings, these portraits are complemented by original music and spoken word soundtracks composed by Los Angeles-based collaborator Jonathan Sacks.
Cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien states, "This unique and thoughtful exhibit is a great tribute to all immigrants of every culture, tradition, and age. The exhibit portrays the three universal journeys shared by every human—the individual, relational, and collective journeys.”
The culmination of 25 years of effort by San Francisco fine artist Heidi Hardin, Founder of Think Round, Inc., and Think Round Fine Arts, Family Dharma, reflects the evolving narratives of our diverse society. In an increasingly interconnected world, these stories resonate deeply. According to the United Nations, international migrants reached 258 million in 2017.
For more information, please email: [email protected], call: 415-602-9599, or visit: https://www.thinkround.org
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