Harvey Abernathey

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Neighborhood: North Bay
Group Affiliation: Studio Nocturne

Serenata Nocturna  (Music of the Night)
By Harvey Abernathey 
There is a certain musical magic that happens when photographing at night! 
As the late evening turns into the stillness of the early morning hours, the sounds of the night are more enhanced, our eyes becoming less stimulated, since we don’t see as well at night.  This is the point where the camera exceeds the ability of our eyes and captures the "Magic of the Night".
I spend considerable time, sometimes alone, waiting for my camera to capture the subtleties of light during the long exposures...at times leaving the camera in one position for hours to catch the movement of the stars across the sky.
 It is a great time to sit and listen to the sounds of the night, with a symphony of movements that occur when the winds rustle the trees, and the creatures of the night are chattering amongst themselves...and to each other.
It is during this time that I capture these emotions of the night, allowing for an opportunity to share them with you.
Enjoy!  Harvey Abernathey

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