Gregory Vernitsky

(415) 706-4709

Code and Canvas
151 Potrero Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

I first started painting years ago, in Odessa, Ukraine; later, I turned to clay modeling and wood carving.  These works were mostly realistic; I was doing it for self-expression, just love this feeling of creating something new.
After moving to San Francisco in 1991, I started using found materials - driftwood, burls, or tree limbs. If a piece of wood can wake up imagination, or just possesses an undefined promise, it can be made into sculpture. I usually let wood lay idle for a while - until I can see what it might become. Then I start carving and cutting it to reveal hidden structure, movement, or emotion, until the sculpture is able to occupy and hold space.
I was always interested in the way time, scale and narrative are reflected in sculpture.
In some of sculptures I tried to make small pieces fill monumental and static.In other works, time is the subject - its passing, its stillness, and the stress of waiting for something to happens.  My goal is to tell a story with the bare minimum of details and to stimulate a viewer’s imagination without forcing an agenda.  In other, more abstract sculptures, it was structure, movement, gesture, or mood which I tried to express. 
I often use found objects to add historical context, or to do the opposite - to break common line of associations. Lately I started to add stone, metal, plastic, and color to alter dynamics of a piece and to add tension between found and carved wood (painted, or left in natural weathered appearance), and rigid geometrical structural elements.