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Neighborhood: South Bay

Venus is a series of paintings inspired by ancient Chinese blue-and-white porcelain and it explores how vulnerability can be our primeval fulcrum.
Ancient Chinese porcelains are often authenticated through the study of their flaws. Their imperfections stand as proof of their genuineness. The art of crazing consists in the intentional creation of fine crackles on the ware’s surface. It is through our individual crazes, flaws, wrinkles, and scars that we exalt our genuine beauty.
The cobalt blue used traditionally for the blue-and-white porcelain is a pigment made by sintering cobalt oxide with aluminium oxide and it is extremely stable. For centuries, the cobalt blue has bestowed its strength to the most delicate material. When I am shattered on the point of breaking, the aplomb of my expressivity is my only reference. It blueprints my steps forward.
The three characteristics of true porcelain are the pure white of the kaolin clay, translucence, and resonance.
Maybe it is when I am the most vulnerable that I truly vibrate.