Emily Huffman

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(415) 756-6760

I create vibrant original paintings and select fine art prints.

Painting, for me, is a joyful celebration of the beauty within life. I paint intuitively and actively, giving visual expression to the communication flowing through. This communication is both personal from my soul and channelled reflections of collective experiences such as consciousness, relationships, and nature. My pieces include depictions of tangible physical objects like plants, landscapes, a boat, shell or feather. These are touchstones that lead into worlds of color, light, feeling and energy.

Visual Language transcends identity and time. It is a medium to commune with Divinity both internally and externally. Art celebrates culture and the unique expression of one individual soul, one precious hand. Art creates spaces, community, and connection. I feel blessed to work in this rich arena and share original creations with you and your communities.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tulane University in Painting & Sculpture. I’ve exhibited professionally for thirteen years and my work is in both national and international private collections. I reside in Sausalito, California with my partner Joe and toddler son Phoenix.