Elaine Pratt

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Neighborhood: Noe Valley
SFOS Details:
Weekend 3 (Central): Nov. 5-6
207 Hoffman Ave
San Francisco, 94114-3127

From an early age I have been a creator. Training at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art and Architecture with a degree in Graphic Design. Winning many national and international design awards, teaching design at Mass Art and AIB, judging award shows, I am currently a designer, www.prattdesign.net, and abstract expressionist oil painter and photographer, www.elainepratt.com. My work is engendered by my response to the world. Many things inspire me; among them are nature, science, energy, emotions and the interpersonal drama. My training in design informs my art. Working in oils, I bring an abstract graphic approach to my emotive gestural images. Sometimes it is en plein-air inspiration, always conceptual and abstract. I am interested in the simplest gesture of the hand as a means to communicate my feelings about my subject. Painting for me is a highly focused meditative experience. From an early age, I was inspired by Turner, Van Gogh and Rothko.