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I find sheer joy in picking up a mixture of transparent colors every time my brush goes from palette to canvas and never the same color twice.. No reason to deprive the human eye of the 7 million colors it can see. The hard part is staying true to the first time I saw or imagined a particular image ... its color, its texture, its content. Every painting is a three way portrait ... how the subject/object is, how I paint it, and then how you see it.

My latest series Adoration of the San Franciscans has to do with how gringos love Mexican food at lunchtime. We stand in lines for lots of things like TSA, the Post Office, the bank, MUNI. But we are never as relaxed and content as when we are in line to get a lunch of good made-to-order burritos. It hit me one day during 2010 when anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant rhetoric was on the rise in the United States. Taco sauce sold more than ketchup, guacamole was the number one seller for Super Bowl Sunday parties, Cinco de Mayo was celebrated with tequila drinks and here were all these nice looking young white people waiting in line to get Mexican street food prepared by hard working Latinos. California had its struggle with a majority minority future back in the late '80s just 30 years ahead of the rest of the country. Taco trucks taste better than border walls.