Debra Dee Art

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Neighborhood: Richmond

British born and educated, now residing primarily in California

Debra considers herself to be a self taught artist, influenced by many of today's living contemporary realist painters . Her creative journey has spanned a life time, in her youth she became entranced by the technical skills of the Pre Raphaelites and French realists from the 19th century such as Bouguereau and Jules Baisten.

In 1998 Debra graduated with a BA Hons degree in illustration in Falmouth Art University.
During these studies she was introduced to oil painting, although the majority of her technical skills were developed through exploration post college, she did learn some valuable lessons on how to tackle unique visual projects conceptually and meet tight deadlines.

Today, private commissioned portraits and classic car scenes make up the bulk of Debra’s portfolio, she has developed wonderful relationships with her clients who marvel in the authentic likeness she is able to capture.

Sitting with her thoughts and grief during the pandemic was the catalyst for a new artistic direction of contemporary figurative realism. Inspired by feminine narratives she began to focus her attention towards visual story telling in an attempt to celebrate valiant women she adored in her community.
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