Daniel Leu

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Group Affiliation: Yosemite Place

Daniel Leu grew up in Switzerland, studying electrical engineering there. More than 20 years ago, he moved to the San Francisco Bay area where he discovered his passion and love for photography. He taught himself the necessary techniques, from handling a camera, to image composition, editing, and post-processing. Not only does he enjoys taking pictures but, with his technical background, he relishes their development in the digital darkroom.

As an avid outdoor lover, Daniel takes advantage of the different sceneries California offers, from the rugged Pacific coast to the granite domes in the Sierra Nevada, from little ghost towns to ever taller buildings in big cities; and aspire to find new scenes or new angles that reveals sometimes well known subjects in a new light.

Traveling is another one of Daniel’s passions. He loves visiting destinations that are off the beaten path and meeting their local residents such as the last Miao gunmen tribe in China or the Chin minorities with their tattooed faces in Myanmar.

Although he takes many images during the day, he finds real delight when the sun is down. The full moon, stars and the milky way are frequent elements of his compositions, and light painting also comes into play to enhance Daniel’s nocturnal scenes.

Daniel’s work has been shown throughout the city and is in private collections around the world. He is also a member of the Studio Nocturne group with whom he exhibits yearly during San Francisco Open Studios.