Clare Metague

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(415) 412-1199

Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard
Group Affiliation: Hunters Point Shipyard

Hello there and thank you for taking a peek at my work!

My artwork is inspired by various concepts and events ranging from the field of sound healing to the awareness of how our oceans are changing.

I enjoy printing, as well as drawing and painting the figure. The choice of medium I use can vary depending on the concept. Rotating to another medium has accelerated my growth as an artist. My art is representational with a visual focus on composition and form. Inspiration is endless.

One theme explored is sound healing and how vibration and intent have the ability to heal us on a cellular level. The mono print series of Love Thyself and Solfeggio Scale (excerpt shown here) visually presents that concept.

Another current theme is the beauty and diversity (blue coral) of our oceans which are rapidly changing and sadly not for the better.

The above 2 concepts are executed as hand rubbed mono prints. For complete works in each series (which are expanding) please see my website.

I welcome an opportunity to meet you privately at my studio. Please text me at 415.412.1199 or email me at [email protected] to arrange an appointment. Thank you!

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