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For a period of about two years when I was a child my vision gradually worsened to where I could no longer see the leaves on trees. By the time I was 10 years old, it was clear that I needed glasses. I remember walking out of the optometrist’s with my new glasses and the most amazing thing that caught my eye was the fact that there were thousands of separate leaves on trees, each one shivering in the breeze and glowing in the sunlight. I don’t know how many years it had been since I had seen that.

To this day, the sight of the sun glowing behind leaves to me is still one of the most beautiful sights. It is arresting. It reminds me that our eyesight is a gift and that good health is not guaranteed nor is the time we have alive to enjoy such simple pleasures. This childhood experience may explain the recurring theme in my paintings and prints of light shining through leaves or the outline of each leaf on a single branch of a tree.