Catherine Sherman/Cloudy Cate

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Quilts have always been rich with simple and profound wisdom. Those pieces hold meaning, and they move us.

I’m always looking for bigger metaphors and patterns as vehicles for connection, creativity and community. I call this individual expression in shared geometries.

My quilts include textiles from multiple sources including clothing, household linens and fabric manufactured for garments or quilting. I prefer used textiles because they have history and mystery. Fabric talks to me. I wonder why it was made. I wash it and let it tell me what it would like to become.

I didn't attend art school, but I can't say I'm self taught. Patient, compassionate people showed me how to stitch and mend and keep going with whatever was available.

I’ve lived in the United States from top to bottom and sea to shining sea. San Francisco is home and I still consider myself a citizen of Texas, New York, Georgia and Oklahoma and wherever I may roam. Maya Angelou said it so well. “To belong nowhere is to belong everywhere.”

The language of color and texture connects human beings across time and geography. Recognition leads to understanding - and hopefully empathy. Examining my pieces and putting them together is my daily liturgy of hope and healing.