Carrington Arredondo

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Neighborhood: SOMA
Group Affiliation: Arc Studios & Gallery

I have always been an artist & have a graphic design background. My former pre-press cut+paste life has morphed into paper collage since the 90's after art journaling & book arts. I paint abstract compositions in acrylic over a layer of collage & typography. I sand through the paint layers to reveal symbols, words & distressed texture. I finish with primitive mark-making.

Unconcerned with making beautiful things, I rely on intuition & grope to communicate an irreverent nature to produce bold shapes, rough textures & colour contrasts. I am not in control of the process.
If unsatisfied with the results, I will destroy my work as easily as create it.

Mixed media include oilstick, oil pastels, charcoal, stabilo woody, pencil & ink. I present my work on simple deep canvas or wood panels, unframed. All my pieces are titled, signed & dated on back of the work.

Member of CITY ART COOPERATIVE GALLERY in San Francisco since 2015