Bonnie Levinson

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(415) 806-0018

Neighborhood: SOMA
Group Affiliation: Arc Studios & Gallery

Living in California I feel the effects of climate change and the environmental crisis. I struggle to creatively interpret my emotional response to these issues that affect me on a psychological level without drowning out my internal voice.

In the earliest moments of committing paint to canvas, I often close my eyes and feel the energy of my intentions. When I open my eyes, the colors and forms move me. In these earliest stages I am in love with process. Here is when I respond intuitively, instinctively and often radically without overthinking--trying to BE without allowing self-consciousness to get in the way. The next stage is the most challenging, often combative. It may end with me ripping, tearing or cutting, or painting over parts or the entire canvas. I work through the many emotions I have through the layers, whether it be paint, collage or multiple imagery in photography. I feel the speed of time so fleeting. The layering marks time for me.

My objective is to balance internal expression with the pressure of external world issues. I seek to express that which is invisible, to see interconnectedness, to create atmosphere, ambiguity, interval space where things happen, to bring forward that which is indecipherable, that which is hidden beneath, and express alternate realities from my imagination. The external world may give me inspiration, a perspective, a point of view, a context, but my internal musings are what makes it my art and my expression. I want to create work that engages the viewer to feel something, to look at the world perhaps from a different point of view and to find meaning in their own terms.

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