Beverly Patterson

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Neighborhood: Glen Park

Based in San Francisco, Beverly Patterson is a full-time artist and graphic designer. Informed by her architectural education and over 22 years as a professional graphic designer, her work reflects her fascination with perception, dimension, patterns, geometry, history and culture.

Beverly strives to create engaging pieces that speak to our times and have strong conceptual underpinnings. Believing they are best experienced in person, her art and designs are multi-dimensional and interactive. They strive to have points of discovery that engage, delight, and make people stop, think, and feel.

Beverly's creative zone is exploring where structure and the unanticipated converge and finding delight in the moments when their interaction strengthens the awareness and perception of one another. Her visual language explores the physical relationship of the viewer and the art.

Her concept-based art is equally comfortable in the abstract and representational and her choice of media is guided by the best way to explore and convey her ideaphoria – whether it be painting, photography, printmaking, collage, Adobe Creative Suite or ceramics.