Boon Heng Pang

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Neighborhood: Richmond
Group Affiliation: Hunters Point Shipyard

Colors! in nature...
Nature is the best teacher for the study of colors, as it is always in harmony.

In the right combination, the play of colors, lines, shapes and passion, can bring out the essence of an artwork, as Wassily Kandinsky's "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" noted.

My pleinair, figurative and still life studies & paintings have been a constant exercise to this end.

Any subject matter can be an inspiration, but pleinair painting has been the most fulfilling & challenging thus far.

To capture the essence of a time/place, on canvas/paper, with the minimal of efforts, is the goal.

Being vesatile in watercolor, gouache, oils, acrylic, charcoal, soft & oil pastels as well as making own paints from pigments has given a freedom to utilize each of these tools, whenever applicable.