Annie Walker

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I believe in the journey of art.

In the process of painting, it's a voyage inward. With each stroke, new realms are discovered in the mind, new ideas, new experiences, new universes. Then, through the brush and palette knife, the realms emerge as reality on canvas. If I've fulfilled my responsibilities as an artist, a viewer experiences the voyage I was on.

The colors are silent and I am challenged to give them a voice through the arrangements of their hues, either through compliment or contrast. In my mind, no color is dull. It is my task to give it attraction, depth, meaning. The journey of the colors is one of transformation from nothing to something.

The textures in my work bring the art closer to the viewer. Texture gives the work verisimilitude. The image is tangible and real.

Thoughts are fluid. The aquatic life scenes in my art represent the alien world of the ocean and the foreign life that inhabits it. The mysteries of the mind mimic the mysteries of the sea. Our psyches pantomime the oceans. Both are deep, diffuse, mysterious.

Art is a journey for the creator and the observer, a communication and connection between them.