Allison Snopek

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For the past several years, my work has focused primarily on the human form. I find inspiration and meditation from attending nude figure drawing sessions and exploring the expressive marks that convey gesture and emotion. Time slips away as I lose myself in the challenges of anatomy, perspective, foreshortening, curvature, light, and shadow. Through exploring this imagery, I consider the concept of “nakedness” and its relation to vulnerability and exposure. I reflect upon the emotional struggle that women experience around body image, as we are faced with a lifetime of viewing the female body as it is portrayed in media and popular culture.

I take these drawing back to my studio where I ponder over them in search of something that evokes an emotional interest in further developing, embellishing, and abstracting the figures. I transfer the drawings to canvas and begin a deliberate process of applying many thin layers of rich color, exploring the contrast and complements of color theory. The experience of painting becomes subconsciously expressive and transcendent, demonstrating the inner-workings of imagination and yielding vibrant representations of organic form.