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The series "Fur and Bones" represents the world of duality.
Bones - an allegory of the Body, it's our human nature: individual, material, tangible.
Fur - reflects the Soul: light and soft, warming, delicate.
Just as light cannot exist without darkness, or height without depth, earth without sky - we can't know one without the other. Life is a dance of death and rebirth. It's conflict – inner and outer. As a species – we are both in conflict and conflicted. Nature only is.
The only way to find harmony is to see everything as a whole. We are everything and everyone at the same time - we are connected.
The subtlest changes of vibration in us influence everything and everybody around us.

I chose photography as a means of searching for the purest art.
In the past, I have learned how to draw religious icons, following all the scholastic rules. I have studied perfection in the craft, technique and formula of how to draw the divine face, until I finally came to feel an intangible truth: that all people on Earth already are ideal. We already are what we are searching for.
So, I started making portraits because I wanted my viewer to see the ambrosia in the real people and not in the avatar images.

Aima is a whisper of your soul - created to illuminate beauty through art.