Artist Statement: 

My current abstract works are predominantly influenced by my interest in forms, textures and design elements found in architecture, nature, and clothes.

Now days, I mostly work in Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas and paper.  I thrive on the challenge of creating most of my paintings with just 2 to 3 colors; while my color palate is limited, my color range is not-I have used pretty much every color in the palate. It is true that most of my works are very colorful and vibrant, but I have also painted black and whites. In my current works, I use embossing techniques and materials like hand-made paper, sand and pieces of some of my old works to create interesting design elements and textures. 

My creative process typically begins when I become inspired by a certain interesting design, shape, form or pattern. I then cover the canvas rather intuitively, inserting elements of the subject matter. I mostly work from memories but sometime view personally photographed images for reference and inspiration. This gives me a start but what the end result is going to be is a whole different, exciting and sometimes frustrating story.

If you'd like to see or want to know more about my works, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Artist Display Name: 
Rajiv Khilnani