Artist Statement: 

"Be careful about the story you tell; it will be the story you live"

I spent my professional life as an academic and practicing psychologist during which time I swallowed a multitude of human stories. Now, I have retired into clay as a way of bringing these universal human stories back into 3 dimensions. 
Overall, I create ceramic groups. Be they blamers, gossipers, or a 'murder of crows' these pieces capture the reality of group dynamics that may be important and familiar to most people. 
My main interest is to produce synergistic multimedia installations that 'speak' to recognizable moments of some human interactions and suggests a way to ameliorate them. 
My secondary interest has been a search for the right kind of 'skin' for my sculptures, which for now, is raku and encaustics. 
My general goal is to evoke recognition, to touch a common node of humanity and to provide a talking point for change.

Artist Display Name: 
Mia Lobel