Artist Statement: 

Papercutting is one of the oldest art forms, known to be traced back to around 105 AD, when paper was invented in China. My scissors drawings interweave multi-cultural stories of mythology and folk tradition. Earth, nature and it's deities, along with a long ribbon of myths are some of the resources I use in my themes. I like to give my work a modern but timeless appeal. Usually I go by its weight, texture and color, when I choose a paper. Like a sculptor, I envision the 3D aspect of the project, the artwork already within the paper. Texture and color have to correspond with the theme of the image. I work with paper, but at times, I use copper sheet as well. Over two decades ago, I started cutting little paper figures bookmarks, which quickly developed into much larger artwork. Papercutting is my passion!

Artist Display Name: 
Kay Weber